I Write Because…

“It’s OK to start writing, EVEN IF you don’t have a clear vision of what you’re going to write.”

I don’t ask myself these questions everyday. Infact, I haven’t even asked myself this question, in a very long time. Last time I checked, writing made me peaceful and tolerant. It also helped me get over my temper, sometimes. I don’t tell people why I write, normally, because everyone has their own reasons and I don’t think that mine are all that important.

If you ask me directly, I might reply with things like,

Because I love it. Because I find comfort and satisfaction in it. I write to make peace with the things I cannot control. Because maybe I might change someone’s life, just with mere words. Because I’ve got a sentence stuck in my head. Because I can express myself truthfully, when I do so. Its makes me feel strongly about the things in life. Because I don’t want to be quiet with the things I feel.

Sometimes I can’t just tell someone how I really feel. That’s when I start writing. Just to let it out. Just to let go of the things bugging me. Just to vent out, maybe anger or pain, or love.

I write because sometimes it just becomes impossible to speak. I am choked. So I use my writing to express my apologies for my never-ending mistakes or to express love or anger or maybe the way I feel. Sometimes I just wanna talk to myself. I just need a break sometimes.

I write because I’ve had a past. Everyone has a past that they can write about.

I write because my friends inspire me.

I write because I’m in Love.

I write because it takes me to another world altogether. A world where deep wounds are healed.

I write to unleash my soul.

I write because it brings out the passion in me. A passion to do something in life.

I write to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at , what I see, and what it means.

Sometimes I write just so I don’t forget how my life used to be. I want to hold onto my thoughts. I want to capture the moments in my life somehow, either good or bad. To reflect on them some day. I just can’t seem to let it go. How I looked at life back then, and how it has changed now. These are the questions that fascinate me.

I write because it makes me feel closer to the people I love. They might not hear what I say. But maybe, maybe someday they will know, how I actually felt at some point of time. Sometimes I have so much to say.

Pretty dramatic answers, when put down on the page like that. But TRUE. So very, very true.

Writing is the only way I can keep it all together. When my real life is falling apart, I still know I can escape into the world of my imagination and everything will be alright. That’s why I write…


HAHA, so keep in check guys, Don’t EVER annoy a Writer.

And also, Keep writing. Keep expressing yourself. If you won’t then who will?