I Write Because…

“It’s OK to start writing, EVEN IF you don’t have a clear vision of what you’re going to write.”

I don’t ask myself these questions everyday. Infact, I haven’t even asked myself this question, in a very long time. Last time I checked, writing made me peaceful and tolerant. It also helped me get over my temper, sometimes. I don’t tell people why I write, normally, because everyone has their own reasons and I don’t think that mine are all that important.

If you ask me directly, I might reply with things like,

Because I love it. Because I find comfort and satisfaction in it. I write to make peace with the things I cannot control. Because maybe I might change someone’s life, just with mere words. Because I’ve got a sentence stuck in my head. Because I can express myself truthfully, when I do so. Its makes me feel strongly about the things in life. Because I don’t want to be quiet with the things I feel.

Sometimes I can’t just tell someone how I really feel. That’s when I start writing. Just to let it out. Just to let go of the things bugging me. Just to vent out, maybe anger or pain, or love.

I write because sometimes it just becomes impossible to speak. I am choked. So I use my writing to express my apologies for my never-ending mistakes or to express love or anger or maybe the way I feel. Sometimes I just wanna talk to myself. I just need a break sometimes.

I write because I’ve had a past. Everyone has a past that they can write about.

I write because my friends inspire me.

I write because I’m in Love.

I write because it takes me to another world altogether. A world where deep wounds are healed.

I write to unleash my soul.

I write because it brings out the passion in me. A passion to do something in life.

I write to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at , what I see, and what it means.

Sometimes I write just so I don’t forget how my life used to be. I want to hold onto my thoughts. I want to capture the moments in my life somehow, either good or bad. To reflect on them some day. I just can’t seem to let it go. How I looked at life back then, and how it has changed now. These are the questions that fascinate me.

I write because it makes me feel closer to the people I love. They might not hear what I say. But maybe, maybe someday they will know, how I actually felt at some point of time. Sometimes I have so much to say.

Pretty dramatic answers, when put down on the page like that. But TRUE. So very, very true.

Writing is the only way I can keep it all together. When my real life is falling apart, I still know I can escape into the world of my imagination and everything will be alright. That’s why I write…


HAHA, so keep in check guys, Don’t EVER annoy a Writer.

And also, Keep writing. Keep expressing yourself. If you won’t then who will?



  1. tanziyouknowme:D · September 27, 2012

    hey,you are completely amazing at this.Writing makes you passionate and is the best way to express what you feel.A writer has very deep feelings which he/she can express only through his writing and you are able to do this here.I love that you following your passion and writing things you feel related to,which makes you and your work special.I feel writing is also an art,it requires skills and a sense of imagination.

    • tanyagarg · October 8, 2012

      Thank you sooo much Utsav 🙂 I’m still trying to find my passion, but yes, writing does give me immense peace and pleasure, both. Thank you for such positive response about my article. 🙂

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