The ‘Type’.

Okay, now this article is not a prerequisite draft for my matrimonial profile. Neither am I desperate to get a life partner right at this moment. Honestly, I’m only writing this for a little clarity from the mundane thoughts formulating in my head regarding, you know, men.
Lately I’ve been fangirling so much, that I get excited every time at the idea of dating a fictional character. Hence, the decluttering.

What is meant by ‘What type of person do you want to date?’ or ‘What type of person would you want to be with?’ I don’t really get these type-casts, and I really don’t understand how one can define the ‘type’ of the person they want to be with. Nothing is constant, right? And neither are we lucky enough to be born in the ‘Krrish’ age where people can predict the future as easily as we switch on the fan.

One can change at any time! What if you get married to the love of your life, who you’ve been going out with for a very long time, and one day you wake up and realize, that they’re gay, or that they eat toothpaste, OR something totally crazy like farting in public places. What would you do then? Eating toothpaste is nobody’s type I guess? Anyone?
But if Shahrukh Khan, Paul Wesley, Robert Pattinson happen to read this? PLEASE believe that all that is written below is utter bullshit and I would make peace with each and every bad habit of yours! (yes, even if its farting in public. *winces*)

Anyhow, coming back to the point. I don’t have a ‘type’. And if I really had to have a type, it’d be the person who just makes this world a whole lot bearable for me. I’m too cynical about love, someone who makes me feel less than that.
Someone who has this charm, and can sweep me off my feet(This never gets old). Someone who is so good at being happy, that he makes me happy too. Someone who is gentle and sweet at times. And intelligent, how could I forget that? In fact this should be on the top of the list. What do they say? Intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac. People often mistake intelligence for bookish knowledge. Well those people can fuck themselves.
Someone who has this innate sense of humor, who can make me laugh on his weird jokes(I’m assuming they’ll be weird, because that will be the best part). Strength of course, flamboyance in nature. There should be vitality of thoughts and actions. Sexual enthusiasm, he should have the ability to make my toes curl.

And he should be emotionally expressive! I’m a person of too many words, and I really would appreciate if someone conveyed to me by those, instead of choosing telepathy.
Someone who instead of taking me to a fancy restaurant, would actually take me to a bookstore. Who will just sit there with me, watching me read, or maybe read phrases or lines to me of his favorite books.
Someone whose eyes just light up(like mine) when I start talking about books. Maybe then we’ll also be able to complete each other’s sentences(coz I’m guessing we’d both have had read partly the same books!). To settle with someone who is any less than a reader is like dating a person without any windows to his soul.

I really don’t want to focus on the physical aspects of that person because I read it somewhere and I really want to stick to it, that ‘When we read, we don’t fall in love with the characters’ appearance. We fall in love with their words, their thoughts and their heart. We fall in love with their souls.’

Someone who makes an entry into my life just like a fictional character… But REAL. Okay now I did it. I ruled out every freaking possibility of me ever getting a happily ever after, when I said that!
I might have a left a lot of characteristics while describing my soulmate but that’s only because maybe even I’m not sure yet. There should be some mystery to it !! He shouldn’t be that predictible too. (I know what you’re thinking. ‘What fucking world is she living in?! Trying to find a perfect man?!’)
But that’s what I want to say, I don’t want a perfect man, I want someone perfect for me. Maybe he has these characteristics, maybe he doesn’t. Maybe it will be forever, maybe it won’t be. But the journey will be the best part, that’s guaranteed. The ‘not knowing’ part. And if I ever find a person who’s even remotely close to what I just described? I’ll do every possible thing to keep him around.

And I won’t give up hope. No matter how much shit I go through personally, I will ALWAYS root for love, for a happily ever after, for the perfect ending.



  1. anonymous · March 25, 2014


    I wanted to point out grammar error ..

    Maybe he has these characteristics, maybe he don’t … // maybe he doesn’t.

    And the best part of this blog ….

    You sound so much principled and classy when choosing men …. but you will break them … if you get srk,robert pattinson ….

    Btw one of your best articles πŸ™‚

    • tanyagarg · March 26, 2014

      Grammatical errors taken into account. Updated.

      Thank you. πŸ™‚

      P.S. – would have really appreciated if you had the guts to comment with your name.

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