Why Books Are Better Companions Than Boys.

Boys. Oh lord, Boys.

These are the creatures who have made our lives utterly confusing with their condescending selves. They constantly want the world to revolve around them. They want good girls who look like plastics but have brains of a scientist. I mean what is THAT about?
Having expectations exceeding their heights, drowned in insecurity up to their necks, bossing us around, all the time. Their over-possessive nature and massive ego drives me nuts. If they have a problem, they don’t say it out loud. They keep it inside them until they are ready to have an outburst in a “disagreement” totally irrelevant from the current topic. They totally get upset over very small issues. And sometimes they end up blaming you for all the mess THEY have made!

Wait, this is not a Boy vs Girls match, so Chill.

FINE, they’re not as bad as I’m trying to make it sound. They care for you, they protect you, even nuzzle you, look into your eyes and mesmerize you, and several other cute gestures, but c’mon, they do tire you out.
I’d prefer books over men any day. I absolutely adore my books. I can get away from my real life any time I want.

For one thing, Books can’t hurt you.

Relationships with books surprisingly have a lot of advantages over relationships with boys.

Books are magical and so wonderful and they take you away from reality. They let you be someone different for a little while. In case of boys, they have a problem with you being ever-so-same and also when you try to change. Did I mention they’re utterly confusing?

Books can be available to you anytime you want to read them. Literally anytime. But boys? No, no, no, no, no. They’re either busy partying with friends, watching movies/cricket, playing video games or just plain lazy.

Books, they don’t care if you’re wearing pajamas, have oily hair with pimples all over your face. They just long to be read, by anyone. In case of boys, I see girls going crazy over ‘what to wear’ or ‘is it too much make-up’ or ‘will he like me in this or that’ or ‘what if he doesn’t like me at all’. I mean, GIVE IT A REST, Lady! If he likes you, he likes you! Period.
I have no idea when will the time come when girls will stop dressing up too much just to validate themselves for boys. So there, I blame boys for their high expectations.

When you’re busy fighting, crying, yelling at your guy and he shows no signs of comforting you, books will always jump to your rescue, needless to ask. They will be there, ready to give you an escape, and take you to a different world altogether. They don’t want anything in return (except that please keep them in a good condition.) Sometimes, a better world.

You can read a book in your own time. Boys, they constantly need attention, they need to be fed, and don’t even get me started what happens when they’re horny. You can read through a whole book and be done with it and then not open it ever again. You can start over it any time you want from any page. It understands your pace. Book is your loyal lover, best friend and companion.

Books don’t have commitment issues, or ex-lovers you are threatened of, hidden past and stuff like that. Books are just as they are. To be with you as long as you live, even longer. Books don’t take back their words. You can open a page days, weeks, months or even years later, and you can be sure of the what it says.

Books will let you move on. If you decide you no longer have interest in your book, you can be rid of it, and it won’t bug you like a lost puppy to take it back. Books can’t stalk you, unlike some boys I know.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to criticize boys. They are also amazing, sweet and c’mon they’re human beings(with a heart and pulse and everything). They can hold you late at night and can comfort you with their warm bodies so close to you. They can tell you exactly what you want to hear. They can cuddle you to death and even love you unconditionally. But as a single person, I was just thinking that in almost 80 percent of the situations, I’d take a book over a man any day, since it’s just easy and laid-back. You don’t have to give any answers, you don’t have to explain.
All you have to do is, READ.