Okay, so the crazy, nail-biting, bloodsucking season has finally arrived.

Here’s to the EXAMS SEASON.

Yessir, It’s THAT time of the year when,

  1. The never-ending syllabus surprises you every second. :O
  2. Coffee is all that there is in your system.
  3. Suddenly ‘the zombie-nerd look’ is in vogue. B-)
  4. Your bed becomes your best friend, and your alarm clock, your greatest enemy.
  5. You break-up with your smartphone, going back to the medieval times of ‘text messages’. 😀
  6. Oh the laziness, don’t even start on that. You just have to have your afternoon naps, because one should get enough sleep, otherwise your retaining power becomes low (whoever came up with that was a genius. 😛 Me? I only care about dark-circles :D)
  7. The person who did not even think of sleeping before 2 AM, starts following ‘Early to Bed, Early to rise’ religiously. Well as easy it is to achieve, ‘Early to Bed’, that ‘Early to rise’ somehow gets lost under the layers of blankets. 😀
  8. Suddenly all your favourite movies choose to be aired  on TV at the same time!
  9. Your long-lost dream of working on your talents resurfaces.
  10. Your favourite author’s novel is there in the market, and you just HAVE to read it before any of your friends do and ruin it for you.
  11. Your love for internet goes overboard. 😀
  12. Facebook is filled with suicidal statuses. 😐
  13. Anything becomes a topic of discussion, as long as it is keeping you away from your books, and you tell yourself that it’s ‘CREATIVE DISCUSSION’. 😛
  14. When you try and convince yourself every freakin’ minute, that marks are not important nowadays, what’s important is ‘What you learn’. (Yeah, the fuck I care.)
  15. Your future stops making any sense, if your life has any meaning at all, what are you doing with it, where is it going.. blah blah.
  16. Staring at the wall becomes so fucking interesting (People are SO right about this).
  17. You start making a list of all the things you’re gonna do once your exams are over, even though deep inside you know, some of those things are not even possible. 😛
  18. Your social life becomes extinct, and you wonder if all your friends weren’t imaginary in the first place. 😛
  19. You’re even ready to do the household chores your mom tells you to do, without any complaining ! (I mean, What is THAT transformation about, huh? ) 😀
  20. When your visits to the nearest temple become regular. 😛

And coming to ME (what, you think I do ALL of those? :O oh fuck, who am I kidding? :D), when you’re actually ready to write about things you do during exam time, when you can really utilize that time to study. (Oh c’mon, people need to know and relate to it !)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some crazy thinking regarding How-to-study-efficiently to do. Maybe I’ll come up with the 21st point. 😀

OkBye. Good Luck.

And people with their exams over? (Yes, the DU people), why don’t you just, you know, REALLY die of excitement of your exams being over? 😐