Sex and the City RULES!

I love this show.
One more episode and I have something like severe addiction! What’s not to like?! Parties, fashion, men, booze! Hello, New York.

Carrie Bradshaw (the protagonist), is a columnist for the New York Times. She, along with her three friends has created her own world where single women rule. SATC shows these typical New Yorkers on their ultimate quest to find ‘true love’.
Carrie’s only family are these three girls. Samantha, working as a PR, host of various parties in the city, next is Charlotte, an art-gallery-curator-turned-socialite, and Miranda, a top lawyer with a steely exterior and a cynical point of view towards life.
They love their jobs, and see it as a sign of strong independent women making it big in the city and not like those women whose lives revolve around their boyfriends, who don’t take work seriously and are known as immature free-loaders.

This show introduced the masses to Manolo Blahniks, Magnolia Bakery cupcakes, and of course the Cosmopolitans. It is fantastic, smart, funny, warm and wise. It is filled with puns, sex (lots of it, hello! Hence, the name?) and shopping. Then there is fashion. The women wear no less than Dior, or Chanel and with an occasional wedding dress of Vera Wang. Most of the people would pass it off as chick-flick material, but let me tell you, what elevates this show is that it has genuine emotional truth. In between they have their share of bad relationships, disappointments, one-night stands, failed marriages, baby calls, but there is nothing in the world which could break the friendship these four divas share.
They all have different jobs and still they manage to make time for each other.

This show also has some very awesome taste in men with a more-than-casual appearance of Carrie’s ultimate love-of-the-life Mr. Big. He’s a treat to watch!

Apart from such a slutty title and so much of frank talk, this show does have a lot of heart (trust me, a lot of it), also teaching us about the power of friendship, the power of love and the importance of self-esteem in the real world.
Though various men (and some women) may flit in and out of their lives, the four women always have each other, and that’s a joy to watch. Never have friendships been rendered so completely in any TV show except in FRIENDS.
The women may be fabulous, but their relationships unfold in complete naturalness.ImageFor a girl like me, this show can be a little outdated at times. For example, there are no more bedazzled flip-phones, nobody has an e-mail address like, no payphones in the bar, no unlisted phone numbers, and a NO-NO to shiny fabrics! But it’s an amazing experience nonetheless. This show has helped me clear a lot of my doubts! It fits perfectly in the tag, “LIFE GOES ON”. I never really have a drive to write about something unless I don’t have any strong feelings towards it!

It’s really fascinating to watch just four women v/s the whole world. Makes me feel highly optimistic and strong!